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PostBase 125

Your perfect Mailing machine
This total solution brings best-in-class mailing technology, smooth feeding and intuitive operation to your office environment.

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  • Innovative and convenient operation of the PostBase from your PC keyboard or optional 23” all-in-one touchscreen PC.
  • Easily navigate through the PostBase’s menu of choices: advertisements, class of mail, special services, and more.
  • Simple and secure recording of usage data, managing and analyzing accounts, and generating custom reports.
  • Integrated up to 7kg scale automatically sets accurate postage amounts.
  • Integrated label dispenser makes it easy to apply postage on packages.
  • Track postage costs for between 50-250 departmental accounts.
  • High speed (LAN) postage download.
  • Included PC software allows numerous postage presets, accounting and reporting options.