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New Francotyp Postalia Authorized Dealership

It is with excitment that we officically intorduce Corporate Business Solutions (CBS) as the new FP Mailing Solutions authorized dealership in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. This assignment is effective immediatly.

All supplies, sales and service are now locally available through:

Corporate Business Solutions (Canada) Inc.

As you may be aware, FP Canada has just realeased a brand new postage meter line titled the PostBase. Over the next few months we will be swapping out our old systems, that connect to analogue phone lines to download postage, with these new LAN or Network (Digital) based systems. This will ensure that moving forward you are able to download postage without issue (even if you as an organization move to a digital or VOIP telephone system).

FP Canada is committed to ensuring that you will always be able to download postage and expidited your mail. A Corporate Bunesiness Solutions representitive will contact you shortly regarding the replacement.

Please join us in welcoming Corporate Business Solutions as your new FP Authorized dealership. We thank you for continuing patronage and we look forward to continuing to serve your needs now and in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Francotyp Postalia  Canada Inc.

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