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FPf d320

Affordable Performance
The FD 320 document folder offers a new level of performance and affordability. Made with ease of operation in mind, the FD 320 utilizes a “drop-in” feed system which eliminates the need to fan the paper. Clearly marked fold settings allow for quick and easy setup, and make this machine ideal for any sized business or department. As with all FP folders, the FD 320 consists of a heavy-duty steel frame and molded high-impact side covers.

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  • Speed. Up to 11.000/hr.
  • Self-adjusting to paper thickness.
  • Drop-in top-feed system.
  • Feed stack up to 250 sheets.
  • Built-in conveyor stacker.
  • 4 standard settings: single, C, Z, & D folds.
  • Paper sizes 8.5×11 to 11×17.
  • Skew adjustment.