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Stylish. Secure. Connected
The PostBase® vision Auto is equipped with hands-free auto feeding, SealCheck envelope security, and top-of-theline technology such as cloud-based analytics, advanced online account management, and scalable digital solutions.
Meticulously engineered with users in mind, the PostBase® vision Auto is intuitive to use with an icon-driven interface
so that any operator can process mail with ease. In addition to a professional business image, the PostBase® vision
Auto offers new marketing opportunities with an integrated text message and QR code generator to print alongside
your postage. This mail machine embodies an award-winning design that integrates perfectly into any office

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  • Automatic envelope feeding
  • Feeding pendulum for thin letter stacks
  • SealCheck envelope security with sealing status light
  • Adjustable 5” touchscreen with motorized tilting
  • Up to 250 Cost Accounts (via Vision360)
  • Cost Account Printing (via Vision360)
  • Up to 20 quick select rate shortcuts
  • Rate Wizard for selecting Postal Products
  • Full set of rates and extra services
  • Automatic postal rate downloads
  • Integrated Label dispenser
  • PIN code access protection
  • Envelope graphics – 8 std., 30 custom
  • Integrated text message and QR code generator – 12 custom
  • “Feed-Only” count mail pieces stamp
  • Easy ink replacement
  • Vision360 – Essential Subscription (3 Cost Accounts)
  • MoCA Parcel System Software